Diabetes And Its Treatment

Diabetes is a disease whereby the patient  has high sugar levels in his blood. It is a genetic disease or a condition that can be passed from one generation to another. There are different types of of diabetes for example we have diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Each type of diabetes has its own level of severity. However, there are some common symptoms that are in both types.

For example, diabetic patients tend to become dehydrated because most of the water that is in the body comes out in form of urine leaving none in them. Another sign of this disease is general body weakness and this can be attributed to the fact that you are unable to eat since there is loss of appetite. In its later stages, diabetes tends to make the patient get some skin problems that are quite not appealing.

Diabetics also tend to be thirsty more often because of the high levels of water that is coming out of their bodies. If you experience any of these symptoms more often, then it's important that you seek medical attention. However, that should not be a cause of alarm. Diabetes is treatable and you can recover completely from it. We have some insulin shots that are given to the diabetics so that they can inject themselves with it.  Know more about blood glucose monitor .

The insulin goes into the blood stream directly and regulates the blood sugar instantly. Insulin cannot be ingested as tablets because it would be digested by the stomach walls before it goes into the blood stream. In order to help the diabetic patients in monitoring their blood sugar level from time to time, they are given something known as a diabetic strip.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72IgXDMOE60 to gain more info about diabetic test strips.

This is a strip in which you place  a blood sample on it and then it measures the amount of sugar level in that blood. It is usually calibrated so that you can get accurate readings from it. Once it is opened, it can stay for about 3-6 months before it becomes dysfunctional and this means that you are able to use it for quite a while before you need another. They are however not always accurate because of some factors for example there might be some blood components such as maltose than can spike up the glucose levels. The enzymes found in the strip are also quite unstable because of changes in temperature. Check out blood sugar monitor for more info.