Diabetes: All About the Disease

A condition that is caused by the absence of insulin being produced by the pancreas is known as Diabetes Type 1. Diabetes type 1 is viewed as incurable, and it requires the patient to have injections by themselves. Injections will help in breaking down the blood sugars. It is a requirement of the patient to check the progress of their blood sugar level to prevent it from rising too high and too low. Everyone at some point in life their blood sugar level drops. A patient who has Type 1 Diabetic is usually at high at very high risk if they fail to manage it well. A decrease in the blood can be caused by eating too little or by injection of insulin at the wrong time can be at risk, and this may lead to a coma or even death when in the extreme.

The other type of Diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes. This is slightly different from type 1.The whole body is usually that has the complications as well as the pancreases which have little wrong. The cells cannot be able to absorb insulin hence the blood sugar is not able to be processed well. Diet can be used to manage this type of Diabetes. It is a requirement to monitor blood sugar level on a regular basis. This will make sure that even the diet you are taking does not alter the blood sugar level. Check out diabetes blood test for more details.

A drug may be used to treat Type 1 Diabetes. However, it can work too well but too quickly. Health practitioner worries about their patients following their instructions to the latter. It is human for a client to forget to follow instructions, but every diabetic patient is aware that he or she should check the blood sugar on a regular basis. When the drug is taken, it may be dangerous when one forgets to check the blood sugar level. However, the drug works and insulin production may be started again. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r_qvYTstRI to gain more details about diabetic test strips.

Following the discussion there above, when blood sugar level decrease too low then there is the probability of coming into a coma or even death which is very serious. After taking the diabetes drugs Diabetic patients is at risk of their pancreas starting to produce insulin in much quantity at it may reach a point where there could be an overdose of injection. When the blood sugar level rise, which could lead to death. Therefore it is always wise for diabetics to regularly monitor and check their blood glucose levels with some type of testing device. Know more about blood glucose test .